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My Favourite Things About Very Bad People by Kit Frick [Blog Tour]

Hi Beauties! Today’s post is one I am so excited for is Very Bad People by Kit Frick and I’m going to show off a few of my favourite this about this amazing read! Keep reading to learn all about the book and the author. Thank you so much to Turning the Page Tours for including me in this blog tour and for sending a finished copy my way 🙂

  1. The Setting – I am always a sucker for books that take place at boarding schools and this one totally fit that. The descriptions of the buildings and the campus during the fall sounded so magical that I would love to visit a school like Tipton Academy
  2. Secrets, Secrets, Secrets – everyone has a secret and this book wove the perfect tale of how keeping secrets can change how you view someone or how they could hurt someone. Many of the secrets in this book took me by surprise, both by who was keeping them and what the secret was. When it was all revealed I was shook.
  3. Secret Society – while I would love to say that all secret societies are bright and cheery, I would fully be lying because let’s be honest here, they are secret for a reason. The Haunt and Rail are no different and blur the line between their morally grey actions and the possible consequences that come from them. Just because you choose to join doesn’t mean you can choose to leave.
  4. Family Drama – This might not seem like it qualifies as a “favourite” thing, but I loved the connection that these 3 sisters had. Calliope, Lorelei, Serafina, all magical names from a fairytale loving mother. They have such a close bond to one another being that they’ve lived in a small town their whole lives that the shift to loosing one to school creates a shift that took an interesting turn throughout the book. 
  5. Mysterious Letters & Clues – there are clues behind ever door, you just have to be willing to take the jump and open it. That is very much one of my favourite parts in this book as you try to piece everything together and figure out what actually happened. And then you throw in mysterious letters that just raise more questions?! It felt like I was a detective piecing things together, which is something I love to do in mystery/suspense books. 

About the Book

Very Bad People

Very Bad People
by Kit Frick
Releasing on April 5th 2022 by Margaret K. McElderry Books


In this dark academia young adult thriller for fans of The Female of the Species and People Like Us, a teen girl’s search for answers about her mother’s mysterious death leads to a powerful secret society at her new boarding school—and a dangerous game of revenge that will leave her forever changed.

Six years ago, Calliope Bolan’s mother drove the family van into a lake with her three daughters inside. The girls escaped, but their mother drowned, and the truth behind the “accident” remains a mystery Calliope is determined to solve. Now sixteen, she transfers to Tipton Academy, the same elite boarding school her mother once attended. Tipton promises a peek into the past and a host of new opportunities—including a coveted invitation to join Haunt and Rail, an exclusive secret society that looms over campus like a legend.

Calliope accepts, stepping into the exhilarating world of the “ghosts,” a society of revolutionaries fighting for social justice. But when Haunt and Rail commits to exposing a dangerous person on campus, it becomes clear that some ghosts define justice differently than others.

As the society’s tactics escalate, Calliope uncovers a possible link between Haunt and Rail and her mother’s deadly crash. Now, she must question what lengths the society might go to in order to see a victory—and if the secret behind her mother’s death could be buried here at Tipton. 

About the Author

Kit Frick

Kit Frick is the author of B&N YA Book Club pick and Thriller Award finalist I Killed Zoe Spanos as well as the young adult thrillers See All the StarsAll Eyes on Us, and Very Bad People, and the poetry collection A Small Rising Up in the Lungs.

Readers interested in signing up for a monthly newsletter including book news and giveaways should visit her website at Kit doesn’t accept GR friend requests but you can still follow her here for updates or connect with her on Twitter and Instagram, where she is most active.

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