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The Liars Beneath by Heather Van Fleet [ARC Review & Giveaway]

Title: The Liars Beneath

Author: Heather Van Fleet

Rating:  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Publication Date: January 27th, 2022

Publisher: Wise Wolf Books

Source: eARC via R&R Book Tours

Synopsis: After a tragic accident ends her best friend’s life, 17-year-old Becca Thompson succumbs to grief the only way she knows how: by wallowing in it. She’s a fragment of the person she once was-far too broken to enjoy the summer before her senior year. But when Ben McCain, her best friend’s older brother, returns home, Becca must face her new reality head on.

She isn’t interested in Ben’s games, especially since he abandoned his sister during the months leading up to her death. But when he begs for her help in uncovering the truth about what really happened the night of his sister’s death, Becca finds herself agreeing, hoping to clear up rumors swirling in the wake of her best friend’s accident.

An unhinged ex-boyfriend, secret bucket lists, and garage parties in the place Becca calls home soon lead her to the answers she’s so desperate to unveil. But nobody is being honest, not even Ben. And the closer Becca gets to the truth-and to Ben-the more danger seems to surround her.

Clearing her best friend’s name was all she wanted to do, but Becca is quickly realizing that the truth she craves might be uglier than the lies her best friend kept.

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Trigger warnings: this book explores heavy themes, including grief, abusive relationships, teacher/student relationships, pedophilia, and teen pregnancy.

If you are looking for a haunting new YA full of secrets, lies, and the hunt for the truth, look no further than this one! 

Becca’s best friend Rose passed away, and while she is struggling to move on, Rose’s brother Ben feels that there is more to her death than what is known. He is set to investigate what really happened in the small town in Iowa and ropes Becca into the investigation, regardless of the consequences that may come. 

I completely devoured this book in a day. The characters are wonderfully written, and the flashback of past and present perfectly presented the life that Rose had before her death, as well as what may have led to it. The romantic tensions and the family tensions were intense and the ending, gosh, I didn’t see that coming out of anywhere and I totally had to take a minute. 

Becca at times was a tad bit immature, but it suited her character and what she was dealing with. But if I could scream at characters not to do something, she would be one of them😅 But you do get to see the growth of her charter over the span of the book, and I loved the inclusion of the epilogue, which had more answers so I wasn’t left questioning what happened. 

If you are looking for a new read that will throw a twist that you didn’t see coming then this is the book for you! I will definitely be looking into more from this author because this book through me for a loop and the mystery aspects will keep you guessing till the very end. 

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About the Author

Heather Van Fleet is a Midwestern-born author with a love of all things spontaneous road trips, TV shows that leave her questioning her morals, and book boyfriends. As a graduate of Black Hawk College, Heather took her degree in early childhood development, tossed it into the garbage, and is now living the dream writing books sprinkled with suspense and lots of kissing.

She’s currently living out her own version of a happily ever after with her high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband, their three hugely feminist daughters, and two fur babies with bad attitudes. When she’s not being a mom or writing books, you can find her drinking way too many energy drinks or crashing out on her sofa with a romance novel of some sort. 

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