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Gutter Girl by Lynn Rush & Kelly Anne Blount [Blog Tour & Book Review]

Good morning Beauties!

I’m so excited today to be included in the blog tour for Lynn Rush & Kelly Anne Blount’s new book Gutter Girl!

~About the Book~

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Title: Gutter Girl (Twin River High #1)

Author: Lynn Rush & Kelly Anne Blount

Publication Date: May 10rd, 2021

Publisher: Entangled: Teen

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Purchase Links: Amazon / Barnes & Nobles / Apple Books / Kobo

Synopsis: Star football player Jace Rovers has a secret. And not just any secret—a shocking secret… He writes romance. The kind with swords. And dresses. And kissing.

Nobody knows. Not the other kids at Twin River High. Not his overbearing parents. And certainly not the millions of fans who’ve read his book on the writing platform Scribbles. And that’s the way he plans to keep it.

Except suddenly one of the other football players grabs his notebook in jest and starts reading a kissing scene out loud…and Jace knows he’s busted.

But then McKenna Storm, resident goth girl who avoids the spotlight like a virus, snatches up the notebook and tells everyone she’s the author. And lucky for Jace, she later agrees to continue the ruse…for a price.

Heck, he’d give her anything not to reveal his secret. But when they start to fall for each other, he knows he’ll have to keep the biggest secret of all—his darkest character is based on her…

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 1.24.32 PM

Are you ready for a super cute and fun read? One that will have you hooked and before you know it, you’ll have finished it? Because that is exactly my thoughts after finishing Gutter Girl.

Jace and Makenna, our two main characters, could not be more different. Jace, the football start, but who is a famous author on a writing site for a fantasy romance (anyone else getting the Wattpad vibes, or is that just me?). And then Makenna, who is a bit quieter due to past events, but that all changes when she says she is the author of the fantasy romance books.

These characters were wonderfully written and I could totally picture them at school. Their interactions and witty quips were amazing, and when I wasn’t laughing I was either aweing with cuteness or yelling for things to be resolved. As well, the supportive best friend totally gets an award for being their through thick and thin, and he didn’t take away from the storyline, but actually ADDED to it! Love when this happens!

This is a very real, coming of age story that deals with real life issues that are not openly discussed in YA books. Its about being true to yourself and not letting others opinions of you define who you are. Oh, and if I don’t have you hooked already, its literally a book about a book👌🏼 what more could you ask for!?

If you are interested in a super sweet, fun, and slightly awkward romance, this book is one you should definitely be checking out!

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