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Hello, Beauties🌹

There is less than a week until the release of Finale, the final instalment to the Caraval series, and while I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of it, I thought this amazing tag would be the perfect thing to have for its release.


  1. Tag anyone you think would enjoy this tag.
  2. Link back to Booked J. Or tag me in your post on Twitter (@bookedj). I want to see everyone’s answers!
  3. If you are tagged by someone else, link back to their blog as well! (I found this on The Bookish Chick)
  4. Remember, it’s only a game…

Let’s get to it!

It’s Only a Game Tag 🃏 🎪 🎭

1. Performer, participant, or watcher?

Whereas I would love to be a performer as I love getting on stage and putting on a show, I would probably only survive as a participant due to my sheer will to figure out the mystery behind Caraval 😂

2. Which one of the fates would you rather not cross paths with? Which would you want to cross paths with? Why? (For a list of all the fates click here)

I guess I have to go with the Murdered King and the Undead Queen, mostly because if I saw those two walking around, I would probably faint from the horror. Not to mention the Handmaidens that follow the Queen around, agh, nope, can’t do it!

3. The Luckless Coin—Do you believe in bad omens?

Indifferent, I think it really depends on the situation, although I think I tend to lean more towards good as opposed to bad.

4. The Sisters—Which one do you see yourself in the most? Do you find it difficult knowing when to walk away from something? AND/OR: Do you have a sister or friend who you’d love or protect like they do each other?

Scarlett, without a doubt. Yes, she is the cautious sister, the one who doesn’t really do the risks, but that is literally me! As to walking away from things, I tend to find it rather difficult😅

For my sisters, yes, I would definitely do anything for them, but my youngest sister could easily beat the crap out of someone, and then call me to help find the body (this is an on-going joke that we have in our house😂)

5. The closest you’ll ever find to magic in this world… What is the closest thing to magic in our world, for you? 

Hm, being that I am writing this a day after I went to Disney World, I would have to go with Disney. I feel like once you are immersed in that land, you become a child again, running around with the characters.

6. No longer dull shades of bland, the dress was now a rich cerise… If you were to put on an enchanted item of clothing, what colour would it become?

Ooo, either red or like a mustard yellow, but I am also a HUGE fan of like plum purple, so really any of those tones!

7. Wishes were things of wonder that took a certain amount of faith and Julian seemed the type to trust only what he saw… Do you believe in the impossible? Or are you a skeptic?

I would have to say skeptic, but really anything is possible, right?

8. Impractical dreams and untethered imagination… What was something you fiercely believed in as a child?

Ha, okay, so I live on the outskirts of the major city, but there are these factories that blow smoke into the sky, and my parents had me convinced that they were cloud machines! I mean, how else were there clouds in the sky? If there were none, that meant that they were not working that day, but if it was overcast, it meant that they were working super hard. Oh, and let’s not forget the age in which I received this fairy encyclopedia book, and I was ADAMANT that I was a fairy (like wings and all that jazz). I would go around finding fairy circles in my yard and dancing around them…

9. The Characters—Who’s your favourite in the Caraval series?

Well, being that I read Finale, my opinions have kinda shifted, but I would have to go with my boy Legend. Ya, I’m a sucker for the bad boys, what you gonna do?

Image result for bad boy gif

10. Truth or adventure? How would you play the game? Are you a seeker of truth or breathless adrenaline? 

Truth all the way. I’m more likely to overthink every possible outcome (think like Doctor Strange in Infinity Wars) and than follow through with the plan. I’m pretty adamant in finding the truth, whatever it takes.

11. Give away a day or your life, or sleep? Which would you rather give up? Or are you unwilling to sacrifice either?

Ok, so going off the book, I think I would have to do a day, which isn’t really that eventful in my current state (summer break over here). So really, one day is nothing.

12. Hopeful and magical… Scarlett loves the colour gold because it feels hopeful and magical. What gives you hope?

I don’t really know how to answer this one in all honesty. I mean, lots of things give me hope, but I wouldn’t say that there, like, BAM THIS IS THE SOURCE OF WHICH GIVES ME HOPE! So, ya…

13. The Words—What is your favourite quote from Caraval?

“Every person has the power to change their fate if they are brave enough to fight for what they desire more than anything.”

14. Safe and guarded… What is your happy place? Is it a person? A place? Something nestled away in fiction?

At home laying on my bed, surrounded by my books, a cup of tea, and some random playlist streaming off of Spotify.

15. Two halves of the same heart… Do you ship anything in Caraval? If so, who? If not, pick any relationship from any fandom.

Well, I’m going with Tella and Legend, but I kinda already know the outcome, so I’ll just leave the question here…

16. The bad and the morally gray… What is your favourite archetype when it comes to the characters of Caraval? Who do you think fits the title of “villain” best of all? Is there one?

I love the “bad turns good” type of villains, but also the “good turns evil” ones. Who fits it? I guess you will have to read to find out!

17. Would the game bring out the most selfish of selfless parts of you? Whether you’re a performer or participant or watcher.

Bwhaha, definitely selfish, who do you think I am? I’m sorry, but I’m either the winner or the winner, there is no other option #sorrynotsorry

18. Spells cast aren’t easily shaken off… What books have been nearly impossible for you to shake off or forget through the years? 

Ah, well, Finale is my most recent one, but I still haven’t gotten over ACOWAR, as well as Six of Crows (I’m hoping to read the Grishaverse first, and then come back to the duology…)

19. What do you wish to see in Finale?

Ah, um, well everything I read obvisouly😂

This was such a fun tag to do, especially with the release day coming so soon! Now, who else is pumped for Finale?

If you’re a fan of the Caraval series consider yourself TAGGED and send me the link to your post so I can check out your answers.

Until next time,

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